Motivation and Advertising

I’ve played the demo twice now and I’m afraid that if I get the full game the whole band will just quit on me. I enjoyed the demo but by the end both times all of my band members were saying they didn’t think it was working out. The second time I even sent them to the day spa several times.

It seems like when you advertise for gigs they lose they’re motivation. How do you get it back? I tried buying them things and stuff, but nothing seems to make them more motivated. I don’t really want to buy the game just to lose it again and again, but if I can’t keep them happy for 83 turns that’s what will happen isn’t it?

I looked around the forum for advice, but it seemed to mostly be about cynicism. That wouldn’t affect me already in just the demo would it? Thank you to anyone who helps, I really like this game and I want to buy it but I’d like to know I’ll get to play it a long time and everyone won’t quit on me five minutes past the point the demo ends.


The course of a game is usually 10 years. In that time, I don’t think I’ve ever lost more than two band members due to getting bored.

When you say advertising makes them lose their motivation, how much fame does your band have? If your band has too much fame, putting up posters is demotivating to them because they feel it’s beneath them. Same with using a rehearsal studio that’s too crappy for their taste. I think that using a recording studio that is above your means (nicer than they anticipate) then the motivation will go up.

Good gigs will also help increase the band’s motivation levels.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, I ended up purchasing. Practicing at better places is actually what ended up helping me a lot and I’m really having a great time now that my band doesn’t always think we suck.

I bought the game as well. Motivation is a problem. I played for ten years and went through at least three complete lineups. I rehearsed on the beach, played great gigs, bought the most expensive instruments, always let them rest in the spa between shows, and the shows were great. Playing a sell-out Blue Rock every time and they complain the band is going nowhere. I’m lost.

no matter what i try the motivation just drops drastically everytime a gig comes and they play to at most a half sold out arena.Ive tried everything (combos and ll) nothing helps

Ahm… that is a problem that needs much attention… Don’t just stick on posting to forums… Try asking people personally about how they view your situation… Don’t be shy asking because it will be of good help to you :slight_smile:

Oldish thread I know, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut I’ll post anyway incase someone should search for an answer on this and find it…

My tips are (in this order):

  • Start the game off by seeing as many bands as you can afford once your band is together, and doing a gig or two a week. Get all the music genres under your belt (you’ll need them later) and write songs whenever your inspiration is high (don’t worry about writing too many songs right away, there’s plenty of time for it later. Make sure you’ve practiced enough and have some decent rehearsal done.
  • Try to get your bank balance to somewhere between $1000 and $1500.
  • Make sure you have at least 200-300 of each merchandise for sale (it’s where you make your largest profit).
  • Make sure your band are REALLY well rested.
  • Start booking gigs; book a gig one day, send them out the next day to fly post (always flypost early on, it takes less motivation away. Flyers get lost and take much more motivation out of your band), the day after flyposting, book yet another gig, day after that, fly post, book another gig, do a rehearsal in the best place you can (moderately afford).
  • This should leave you with a day or two before the first gig you booked; use the day/days to do a spa treatment or go for beers - if you can’t afford, stay at home - just make sure they have those days off.
  • After each gig of this week, give them the day off (they’ll be working the next day), but if their stress isn’t high, and there’s something else to do (like a web interview or radio appearance) have them do that and hope it won’t stress them too much that they won’t attend the next gig.
  • If they successfully do ALL those shows in the week, you’ll have noticed your profits will have gone up, motivation will be high and Inspiration will be riding high as well making the end of that week a good time to write songs.

Might not work for everyone but it does work for me.