Mouse Pointer Missing & Crashing

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Game is installed but mouse pointer does not appear on the screen it is hit or miss to try to get a new game launched and then when it is selected its been impossible to select the country and Start.

Changed from desktop to laptop and was able to somewhat play with a touch screen laptop but game flutters then crashes.

Uninstalled and installed new update 103 and still NO mouse pointer.
Anyone have any thoughts?
Also installed on laptop and mouse pointer went away as well standard Windows setup.

This sounds very much like a video card driver thing, but help is at hand. Is it running with the ‘fullscreen’ checkbox set under options? If so, turn that off, and restart the game and see if that fixes it.

If you run the game in a window thats smaller than the screen does that fix it?
In fullscreen mode video cards tend to switch to rendering the mouse cursor in hardware instead of letting window handle it, so they can implement fancy looking cursors. We dont do this, but your video card may implement it this way anyway. Its possible there is a bug in the driver that means its then not succesfully drawing it in game.

Is this windows 10? any unusual settings, like maybe accessibility settings turned on, or a graphics tablet or gamepad connected?

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