Mouse pointer slow on laptop


I first installed Dem1 and Dem2 on my desktop. They run fine there.

I thought the game would be pretty cool on my laptop, since the games supports full screen 1024x768 which is the native for my 15" laptop display. I thought they would make good travel companions.

However, the mouse tracks somewhat slowly across the screen in both games (more so Democracy 1). This is quite a bit slower than it does across my normal Windows desktop of the same resolution.

I don’t think this is a CPU issue, since both games seem to process turns fast enough and also the rest of the interface.

There isn’t any sensitivity adjustment in the game for the mouse or in any files which I can find, correct?

Any ideas which I might try? Thanks.

Specs on the laptop:

DELL Inspiron 8150
Windows XP Pro SP2
NVidia Go GeForce 5200 (64Mb VRAM)
500Mb RAM
Pentium 4 2.8GHz

Hi, there is an option to change the sensitivity of the mouse in the options screen, but I suspect that the problem is just a low frame rate due to a low spec video card causing the problem :frowning:

I don’t know why, but I don’t see any such option. :frowning:

I loaded up the Kudos demo today. I think you may be confusing the mouse pointer setting with that game.

Off to take a look at Kudos. Thought it might make a good gift for my wife. :slight_smile:

Damn, yes I think I must be. I was sure I had added it…

I have this problem too, but I noticed that for the first couple of seconds the cursor is fine, until I go over one of the buttons which shows its relation to the other buttons. I have an hp laptop. I wanted to try to put it in safe mode or with lower graphics, but when I try to save the config.muf file I get this message: Cannot create the C:\Program Files (x86)\Oval Office\data\CONFIG.MUF file.
Make sure that the path and file name are correct.

What should I do?

this is a vista security feature. if you install the game to a folder inside your MyDocuments folder, you will be able to save it no problem.

As someone else who has run into Vista features, there is a way around this: Run the program as an administrator. Even if you are running under an admin account, you can grant the program the admin rights so it can write where it wants to.

If you right-click on the executable and select “Properties,” you can go to the Compatibility tab. At the bottom of this window, there is a “Run this program as an administrator” choice. Check the box next to this, and the program will be run with admin rights. You’ll get a message each time you run it asking you “Are you sure you want to run this as an admin?” Click yes, and the game should work fine.

I was able to save the config file, but it didn’t do anything differently, and I think the game used to have its own cursor and now I just see the windows cursor in the game, however I might not remember correctly. I also tried the administrator thing but it still is slow. It’s weird that this game worked on a desktop with an operating system lower than vista, but won’t work on vista well. And the slowness takes the fun away from the game because you have to keep going to the buttons to see what affects what.

Oh, I had to put the forcefallback to 0 and I had to put [prefs] in the document or else the color would have been messed up.