mouse pointer

After testing the D1 demo on intel mac, I downloaded the D2 demo for XP running on the mac. When I start the D2 demo I get the starting screen but then the mouse pointer acts very strange, its too fast and disappears when moved on to any of the buttons. I cant start the game. Any suggestions?

is this fullscreen? there is a slider for mouse speed under options. But it sounds like you are running it under XP on an intel mac? No idea what could be going on there…

Yes its fullscreen. The game only works when its full screen. I can’t access any of the buttons as the pointer disappears when I move it over them. Is their any keyboard shortcut such as a tab to access the buttons? I am a bit curious to test D2. Really hope that the mac version will be out soon.

:\ try using crossover under the mac os maybe

there’s no keyboard shortcuts but the mac version shouldn’t take that much longer.

Thanks guys it works with crossover on the mac if the resolution of the mac is set to 1280x800. There is a small problem with the pointer trail though. It doesnt work on XP-VMware-mac combination for some strange reason. Anyways now I will check the game as it looks much more interesting than the first one… Still waiting for the Mac version though…