Mouse Problems in Game...

I bought this game from and the game has a slow mouse problem. I’m not even sure what version I have. Anyone know how to correct this problem?


Before playing, check out the Options.
The default speed should be central. Change to suit.

I have already tried it with no avail. I also restarted my computer to see if it changed anything. The mouse simply lags in a jerky motion. I have a brand new dual core system with 3gb of ram.

I just put in a refund request to and bought the copy off of the positech site. It still has the same problem. I have version 1.16

I wish I didn’t have this problem and was told it was an unusual problem at that. I just finished my first game.


I found out the problem! Guess… no really … guess…

ok ok… it seems that it doesn’t like full screen mode. If I play it within a window… there is no problems at all. Thank freakin god! I can now get through this game faster!


I just downloaded the demo but it’s unplayable.
I have the same problem. Apparently, it happens when a pop up with buttons appears on the screen. The mouse gets really slow and hard to control. Can’t really do much with the game witthout wanting to bang my head against the keyboard :slight_smile:

Anyone got a solution for this?

What version of Windows are you using?

also, its worth toggling between window and fullscreen to see if its the same thing. you can change this in the options screen if your desktop is big enough. do you know what video card you have?

Hi everyone,

I’m on Windows Vista, Geforce 6500 with latest drivers.

Toggling between window and full screen didn’t work - when I do that, I can move the mouse, but not click on anything in the game.

is this the very very latest version from positech games? I made some changes to the positech version that may have fixed this, you can just redownload the demo to see if that is the case.

I downloaded a couple of days ago from the RockLegend website, so I’m guessing it’s the latest verson (1.16 I think).

Too weird! :slight_smile:

Damn, that should definitely be fine then. Do you have any other programs running in the background that may be causing problems?

Quite a few programs running actually, but they don’t interfere with any other games. I have antivirus, windows security stuff and Daemon Tools running, that’s about it.

I think this is a very specific problem, man. The mouse works okay in the first screen of the game, but when I click on something that brings up other menus or buttons, the mouse slows down. On the first screen (where you can manage the band), before I select anything, the mouse is fine.

Any ideas?
Thanks for your attentionn :slight_smile:

hmmm, no idea to be honest. theres nothing magical about those other screens. might be worth turning off everything, just as a test to see if it could b something else. Stuff like this is normally video card related. It sounds like somehow the game is pushing the video memory usage over the edge and its swapping data, but unless your card is really low on video memory, that should never happen.
do you have the vista sidebar on? might be worth trying it with that shut down.

If it helps anyone, Cliffski, this may also be a memory issue. I get the mouse problem after playing for more than 15 mins. Saving, exiting and restarting seems to help as well. I know this doesn’t apply to everyone, since some folks said it happens right away, but maybe there’s a video memory issue (not a coder, just an IT guy ;-D)

You can see if its a memory issue by running the game windowed, with task manager running. you can select columns and see the memory usage of the game. if it keeps going up and up and up, then it is a memory issue :smiley:.
I can’t reproduce it on my PC, so would love to know it someone can verify if that is what is happening?

Hi Cliff,

My wife bought the game from BigFishGames today, and had the issues with it having a really choppy/laggy mouse, which lead her to this site in our search for a solution. We downloaded the demo from your site, and it still had the issue, although very slightly less so. Her computer is running Vista, is brand new, and all the drivers are updated. We checked the memory response, and it was at 40 000 K, hitting up to 45 000 K. (There was a second process in the list, but it was only about 1000 K.) This is not overly much, just a little higher than the anti-virus at times, and her system still has room to spare. When she tried running it in windowed mode to fix the issue, it took the mark out of the full-screen box, flickered the screen but remained the same. This was when her monitor was set to 1024x768 resolution. When she upped the resolution to the 1280x1024 (apparently her only other higher option for her 17-ish inch monitor), the game finally went into windowed mode in a window, and is no longer having the mouse issue. (Still does not work in full-screen mode.) The only problem is now her eyes are killing her because the game is too small to properly see anything, specifically text, thus the game is “working” but not quite properly playable. We thought you should be made aware of this issue and were hoping you could do something to help the game run the way it should so she can enjoy this great game you made. (She just wants to be able to play it in full screen at a normal pixel rate. :cry: )

Thanks, and have a great day! 8)


hi, what video card do you have? some laptops just run my games slow. The newer games (kudos 2 and later) will be much better optimised for older machines.

The video card for her brand new Compaq desktop is the NVIDIA GeForce7100/NVIDIA nForce 630i. Kudos has no problems at all on her machine, just Rock Legend for some reason. My moms new Compaq laptop, however, runs the game perfectly fine, go figure. (Unfortunately, its not in the same location as my wife, so my wife cant even play it on that one.)