Mouse very slow?


I downloaded and ran through the tutorial of your game that seems really excellent. Anyway, the mouse movement is very slow (much more than under Windows), and while this game seems pretty mouse-intensive, I’d like to know how I can tweak that speed under the game (didn’t find it in the options…).
And is there a French version of this game? I have a pretty good english, but with a lot of political vocabulary, I think I might be kind of lost… Anyway it might just be a good occasion to learn new words!


No French version yet, sorry. Are you running full screen? it sounds like you might need to try right clicking the games shortcut and running it in ‘compatibility mode’, and of course, make sure you have the latest drivers for your video card.


thanks for the answer, I tried compatibility mode (win95, win98, WinNT4 and Win2000), and updated my drivers, but the mouse is still slow.
Anyway, it’s won’t stop me to buy this game. Since I’ve tried the demo, I really want to try and test some changings, I’d be thrilled to see a socialist USA! If the mouse could just have the same acceleration as under Windows, it would be perfect!!!
Maybe a slider in the options menu, to tune it inside the app?

I think it might be just that the game is taxing your video card or CPU too much, as the mouse cursor should be the same speed ;(

I just bought the full version, installed it, the mouse is still slow…
I checked in the WinXP Task Manager, and the app uses 0% of my CPU…
Anyway I’ve got an Athlon XP 2200+, 1 GB RAM and an ATI Radeon 9600 XT with 128 MB, I think it should be enough to play the game (and it is enough already, except maybe for the mouse…).

With taht said, back to the game :slight_smile:

it certainly should. One thing that often fixes this kinda problem is to go to the display control panel and slide the hardware acceleration slider thingy one step to the left. I’ve had that fix similar bugs in other games on my machine.

Changing hardware acceleration didn’t help. I simply think that the way you implemented mouse movement in your game doesn’t suit me, it’s probably the acceleration value that’s too low.
It’s the same on Apple computers. On my iBook I’ve installed a software to change the behaviour of the mouse…

Anyway, thanks a lot for the great game!

The mouse was slow on my computer as well. I think it’s more to do with the fact that the mouse moves slowly anyway, and there’s no sensitivity option to speed it up. I’m used to a nice fast cursor so I think I notice it more.

My guesstimation is that the system uses DirectInput to capture mouse movement, which returns the distance the mouse has moved since the last frame. Which is then added to the overall cursor coordinates.

Good god man! We need a mouse sensitivity slider :smiley:

Hmmm that is interesting. I guess I should work that in to the next patch, and it happens just after I finish version 1.32. damn!

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