Move - Cruise Control Upgrade

[Cruise Control] would be better a upgrade for [Fit Electronics]

(Touchscreen upgrade could be moved to Fit Dashboard)

[Adaptive Cruise Control] should be a sensor(radar) upgrade on the front bumper.
[Traffic Aware Cruise Control] should be a sensor(camera) upgrade on the windscreen.

Hey, nice ideas. It certainly never occurred to me that the touchscreen should be on the dashboard, butt when I type it, its kinda obvious :smiley:

Thinking about that, if you move the touchscreen to dashboard, you would also have to move the in car radio, bluetooth, satnav as well. I think it should stay with fit electronics. Sure the touchscreen is in the dashboard, but it is installed in the dash and connected to the wiring harness (like car stereos) and I think need to stay where they are. Things installed with the dash, are usually behind, and under it, things we never see, but are a pain to have to replace or repair, like a heater core.

Just some thoughts on it.

Ha! I just moved it. I think that the touchscreen is very visibly ‘on the dashboard’ in a way that maybe other electronics are not. After all, we are talking about the screen, not the electronics wizardry that we assume is behind it and buried with the cars other electronics. Also for gameplay purposes its nice to be able to split things up between those two slots so the bottlenecks are not that annoying.

That’s fine, now there is more room for the Infinity Sound System to be added in electronics. :smiley: