Move [New Order]

thinking that an order to Move (Bearing) (Distance) would be useful and tactical
this order would trigger on start of a scenario, but be interrupted&cancelled by a targeting order like Retaliate

although there are not bonuses for flanking or surrounding an enemy in GSB, it seems that surrounding might be coded to help keep an enemy ship from fleeing the battle in Campaign.
primarily, it seems like “move some distance along a line” is the sort of command one would see in a sailing ship era wargame, and the top-down view of GSB suggests that era (and then destroys that suggestion with lasers).

From the perspective of challenges and my normal fleet, OH yeah that’d be awesome. Manipulating where my fleet ends up? Great!

I’ve been playing the survival challanges for like 12 hours now, and i have to say that could be game-breaking.

Ikohime - I think you suggest more of a “regroup” order. Yeah, that would be great for forming-up the fleet again after it’s chased elements half-across the board in the survival challenges.

I was thinking more along the lines of a first maneuver, then the command is discarded for the rest of the battle.

That’s what i’m talking about, too. Controling your fleet’s movement would be VERY powerful in the survival modes. It’s about as important as having the proper orders

maybe even a chain move, so it goes to one spot, then another???

^^ amazing, but seriously scary. like game-breakingly scary. And there would be 1 automatic loss for every challange, as you would have to look at the enemy fleet,record its movements then alter your orders accordingly