Movement restriction?


Is there some movement restriction caused by ship space occupancy? I mean, if there are ships in front of another ship, will this ship go “through/under” the occluding ship or will it try to go around it?

I had a setup which resulted in my frig to stand behind my cruisers, and it looked like it was stuck behind them, neither trying to go around nor through them. See the attached screenshot…

It might be just that my frigates were really slow, but I believe they should have long be gone forward into the heat of battle! x_x’

Thanks for the help, even if your are all filthy alien weaklings… Mwahahaha



yep, ships can block eachother…


I think they repulse one another with a given force. Frigates fast enough can push over top of stationary cruisers.


I see! Thank you admirals, for these kind words of illumination!