Movies and Weight Gain

It is ridiculous that when your character watches a movie, s/he gains +8 weight. Even without eating popcorn. It should be more like +2 weight. And then +6 with popcorn.

How do we mod this? I can’t find a way.

There’s a bunch of other activities where you sit down and you gain no weight, too.

If you alter the social_events.csv file, find the “cinema” entry (about the 7th line down) and add “weight,-0.06,_WEIGHT_DEGRADE” after the comma after the last entry. That should solve the “movies cause weight gain even without popcorn” issue. I think. I did some basic testing and it appeared to work. Results may vary.

The end of the “cinema” line should read something like this:

Wayno, gaining +8 weight on rum and Southern Comfort tonight :smiley:

AH!! Thank you!!! I will try that.