Multari Gas Giant crash

Every time I start this particular battle the game crashes within a few seconds of the battle beginning, regardless of fleet layout or difficulty.

Is there a log somewhere that might show the errors that I could copy/paste here?

The system is a Q9450, 8GB RAM, nVidia GTX260 core 216, Vista Ultimate 64 (up to date)

You’ll likely find some files in the Program Files\Gratuitous Space Battles Beta\debugdata folder

Alright, I just tried loading the game before looking in there just to reproduce the crash one more time and the game locks at the initial splash screen. I get an ERROR dialog that says “Error 41. Please contact tech Support:…\src\Game.cpp 242”

the error log didn’t have any information.

I tried uninstalling & reinstalling and same problem.

I also had a crash once when I tried to alt-tab back in to the game.

Now that I can’t play at all I can’t reproduce the crash that started this thread (sorry, I meant to post in the support forum). Other than the mentioned errors the game had been running very well.