Multi-effect drugs count as treatment for all effects.

Is that intended?

I was making a drug that had 2 positive effects in it. I produced 15 per month of that drug. On the cures screen it showed 15 treated persons per month on both effects (so 30 total) and reduced the demand for both cures.

From a gameplay perspective that might be ok, but the problem is that it implies that all the treated patients had both afflictions at the same time. I think that is improbable…

It might be more logical to distribute the number of treatments in some way. (evenly, by effect strength, by demand …)

Mhm, I agree.

It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense that people who will pay 300 dollars to alleviate insomnia will just as happily pay 450 dollars if it also happens to work as an ulcer medication. At the very least, your product should lose market share to less expensive competitors - both in the Insomnia field and the Ulcer treatment field.

I happen to be familiar with one interesting med, which works against Narcolepsy. It was later discovered that the drug also had anti-depressant properties, and is frequently used for ADHD… that didn’t mean it suddenly became more valuable as a Narcolepsy drug.

I get not letting us determine at what price point we want to sell our medication, this isn’t a competitive business simulator in that way (though that would be cool too) but the problem is if the game automatically calculates ‘what the market will bear’ the game has to realize that the drug market doesn’t quite work that way :stuck_out_tongue: