multiplayer suggestion

i’d like to see options for 3 or 4 player challenges, these could be in teams or free for alls. Also maybe some play by email intergration that sends people an email when the game is compiled, letting attachments open with game kind’ve like civIV.

I think that would require some form of networking, maybe simple networking to see who is online and have some Realtime challenge Skirmishes, i think this would be a great idea . This will not takeaway from the static Challenges, as the games fun comes from the strategy so there should be no decline. Being able to challenge peeps who are online would be a big step in the game, If anyone has ever played Starcraft (the original) there is a simple setup design, you see who is online, you put yourself on a play now waiting list, or setup your own map, even better have like a countdown clock for setting up a fleet and see who is better. Stuff like that would be hella fun, Multiplayer is always something worth bringing up, Hope maybe one day it will be done.