Multiple Hangars?

Is there a point in having multiple fighter hangars? If so, what proportion of hangers to fighters works best?

Having more = More supplies. The proportion depends on how often fighters will try to dock up and how long the battle goes.

More supplies? What does that do, exactly?

If they run out of supplies, they can’t repair fighters anymore.

I am very new at this game so take my words with a grain of salt but I found that my Tribe fighters lasted long enough that I need two hangers on my Carrier ship. With only one a bunch ended up on the edge of the map and not in the fight.

I see, thanks guys!

Tribe fighters have double the hitpoints, but half the armor. So without armor they will often last roughly twice as long.

Hey good question man! Answered one I didn’t even know I had lol. I rarely use fighters, but when I do they always get the snot pounded out of them before they make it back to the Carrier, so I usually don’t use hangers either lol. I treat fighters like the Japanese did… KAMIKAZE!!

You probably didn’t set the cautious order to a higher hp.

Depending on the scenario, I usually put one or two dedicated carriers in formation behind my main cruiser fleet and use them just for fighter repair. A loss of two combat cruisers in exchange for constant fighter repair is well worth it!

I really like fighters as they are versatile but they are really expensive and I really want carriers to work but I find most fighters get destroyed as they retreat (cautious set to default setting) and when they repair the return to the battle in dribs and drabs and get picked off one at a time as they don’t group on route back to the battlefield. I’ll admit I’m new to the game so I haven’t given up on finding that perfect tweak to make repairable fighters an awesome force.

on a few occasions i used a mix of tank and attack cruisers formation with a dedicated carrier (4 bays) in the aft of the formation or in the middle, the fighters were set to escort the carrier with a large radius, range long enough so they could act as “reavers”, helping to quickly finish off enemy cruisers and frigates that had their shields down and armor damaged enough so fighter weapons could pierce it
fighter weapons may be peashooters,but given how fast they fire and how many of them are there, it really makes a huge difference in the time of how fast the “cracked” cruisers die
given the fact that i had a dedicated carrier, it allowed me to use some lower-performance fighters (about 50/50 with expensive ones)
if you have a fair budget/crew amount available this can be a very good tactic if used propertly

also,set your fighters to repair even if they take 1% dmg… given how fragile they can be they pretty much cant afford to take any hits

just my 2 cents :stuck_out_tongue: