Multiple online identities with one serial number

I’ve had Gratuitous Space Battles for a few weeks and have installed it on my desktop (for screen size and power) and on my laptop (for gaming away from home. I soon stopped copying everything from one to the other every time I switched between them and have now developed different ships and deployments on each (which also prevents clutter).

But I have started sending challenges to myself online from both computers. First, am I correct in assuming I can use the same identity on two computers? It has worked so far, but I don’t want to take any risks.

Second, it’s getting confusing. Could I have two online identities, like “Ceraus (desktop)” and “Ceraus (laptop)” in order to better differentiate my challenges?

Third (might as well go there): since all IDs can activate mutiple online identities, isn’t there a risk of having hundreds of people going online with the same ID (in the case of pirating or reckless sharing, for example)?

While I’m not any sort of authority, I suspect cliffski will say that the one identity per serial limit is an intended feature. It allows you to use the game on a small number of computers, using the same identity, but if a serial number gets published somewhere for piracy purposes, it will be easy for the ID associated with it to be permanently banned from the challenge server (and perhaps from automatically downloading patches too).

Ah? I didn’t even try using two identities. I thought it would be feasible.

Anyway, feasible or not, I figure I just have to note the identity of the challenge-issuing computer in the taunt box.

BlckKnight is correct. You can use 1 ID on multiple machines (but no dozens, there is some basic checks to prevent piracy), but there aren’t multiple ID’s per copy.

Pretty much what I expected. Seems fine, and certainly is with me.

What if you want to change your username because you’ve gotten tired of it or decided it’s silly? I’ve noticed that changing your name means that all the challenges you’ve posted no longer belong to your account. Also, could someone else come along and steal your username now that you are no longer using it?

this is true, you can change you username, but it may lose the username link with challenges. I had not anticipated many people wanting to rename their accounts tbh :frowning: