Multiple Race Restrictions

I would love to to be able to restrict hulls and modules to more than one race.

For example if I build create a hybrid ship that’s a fusion of Tribe and Federation, I would like to be able to restrict it to only those 2 races. Or restrict my shiny new Meson Cannons and Antimatter Reactors to the Empire, Federation and Alliance.

Just a thought.


Bartender! A virtual brew for my wingman here!

Seriously, that’s an outstanding notion. I’ve been hungering for just such functionality since I first started bootlegging my own modules & weapons. The lack of it is really starting to grate on my nerves, as it’s negatively impacting my own next round of planned mods.

Thankyou Kind Sir

Yeah, my breaking point what when i was using BigGunz and <> with other mods.
I kept having to import the turret mappings and whatnot around the place.

You can also make two identical weapons restricted to one of the two races each.

Tru dat. If just have to make a copy for every race i would like to restrict to.
Problem is that i will run out of modules (GSB currently has an upper limit of the number of modules it can use)

And that is the other side of the same coin where we have the lack of multiple-race restrictions. When combined, these two limits are a serious problem for modders. I don’t know if if Cliffski is aware of the total-#-of-modules problem. He claimed that GSB has no hard-coded limits anyplace in the code, so some other mystery is at work in causing that set of woes. Have you emailed him about that?

it doesn’t appear to be hardcoded, the game just crashes with an error on startup if you have too many. and this could be a serious problem for my WWII mod.

No, not yet. There is a thread about this particular problem out in the modding section.

So i would think that he is aware of the problem, but would be working on more important things like the next expansion pack and the single player campaign.

While the module limit isn’t hard coded it might be a case that the array that holds the number of modules needs to be larger.
The original size might be set to help conserve resource requirements. From what i have read in the blogs and seen in the game, Cliff seems determined to squeeze every single performance optimization into the game for people who have 8yo computers - like me :slight_smile: