Multiple Turrets per Tank?

So the question: Is it possible to make multiple turrets per tanks/emplacement, so these multiple turrets will be able to use different weapons, attack different targets & etc?

Short Answer: Not at this point in time.

Long Answer:
During the development stage, this idea was suggested to cliff. However time was limited and the GTB code was already optimised to for one weapon per unit. While cliff acknowledged the appeal of multi turret units - he pointed out it would take some time to modify the code to enable something like this.

M15A Gun Motor Carriage

thats some clever editing yove don there

While I wish I was that good at editing images - I can not take credit for the M15A Gun Motor Carriage.

Actually, It is an M3 Lee Medium Tank photoshoped :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you very much World Of Tanks, now i can recognize any armored war machine lol

So after so much time, there is still no possibility to make dual turret tank?

If you need mutltiple turrets that badly, buy the other Gratuitous game. There’s enough turrets there to BBQ the sun.

if you open the file unl.dat in notepad, you can see which items are unlocked (the file unlocks.txt has a list of all of them), so just copy and paste them all into unl.dat.

but first!!! - make sure it’s still saved as unl.dat, not as “unl.dat[size=115].txt[/size]” which notepad may try to force it to save as…