Multiple Warhead Missiles

The description of Multiple Warhead Missiles doesn’t specify how many warheads come with each shot. I’m guessing three warheads per shot since I’ve had cruisers loaded with those launchers come up with 210-280% hit in the after battle stats. But I had a few cruiser using several of those launchers come up with 310-317% hit in a recent battle.

Does anyone know how many warheads fire per shot? How many decoys fire per shot?

4 warheads
0 decoys

They split at a certain distance. Before that, i believe they are just 1 missiles, so if a PD gets it, all 4 are gone.
Im am not 100% on this though.


this is not correct, since the weapon has decoys.

actually, i do believe there is no such thing as multiple warheads, it’s simply a name that cliffski gave that weapon. the decoys represent the multiple warheads.
it is one warhead with 3 decoys, like the fast missile and missile launcher. or any other weapon with decoys for that matter.
the txt.-file is identical to every other missile weapon. (except some obvious differences ofc)


That’s incorrect. Multi-warhead missiles have the line “submunitionslive = 1”, which is not in the cruiser missile file.

The diference is obvious,

submunitionslive = 1

Now go and try this,
A scrambler with a pd-scanner, throw at it normal missiles with decoys and multi-warheads.
See something? Scrambler will only hit warheads. That’s it,

  • one of the normal missiles ignoring the decoys
  • all multi-warheads “decoys”.

This means that all MW are warheads.


i apologize, i completely missed that.
but still it has decoys. quite confusing. what does this mean?


in code terms, submunitions are just decoys that are not dummies. All missiles launched from a multiple warhead missile are live. If they get hit before the ‘decoy release range’, then they all get destroyed (or rather, the submunitions never get a chance to get created).

Thanks for the game and code info all. That’s a clever testing method Bluebreaker, I didn’t know a pd scanner worked with a missile scrambler.

I remember seeing decoys marked as yes, so I was guessing at least one of the four in the salvo was a decoy. Since all four missiles are live weapons, that means potentially you could do 44 damage per shot. Granted, the tracking really doesn’t support all four hitting consistently, but it’s still an impressive weapon considering it’s long range. That explains the really high minimum range of 500.

So the actual damage is 44, not 11. That changes a great deal for my planning. Thanks.