multiple warhead missiles

as a player that likes variety in their ship designs i don’t use these weapons very often. but after a challenge posted recently had a whole fleet of ships using almost exclusively these… (and getting rated highly wtf) ive had enough. these are way too op and i don’t think players are willing to admit to this for some reason. you set ships to take out destroyers with long range lazers and basically if you spam them. .you cant lose… id suggest taking down their shield/armor penetration… or at least make them fire slower… travel slower??.. something?

Yup, they are nerfed in the next patch. Their damage was basically 3 times higher than it should be. They are less awesome now :smiley:

ahh good to hear! (both the nurf and that i wasn’t ranting on about nothing) and thanks for the quick reply ^^ much appreciated ^^ … now back to trying to make more varied ships!.. it gets hard after you have 5 classes all containing 1 of each size and all being significantly different in weps speed AND looks… may your queen keep your hive safe and well fed cliff.