Multiples stations in series rather than parallel

I’ll using painting and drying as a specific example of my general idea. Currently if you want to fully utilize painting you have to fan out the drying to 3 parallel drying stations. I suggest adding the ability to connect 3 drying stations in series rather than parallel, and any car would move to the furthest drying station that it could reach. This would provide a trade off. Parallel takes more floor space but you don’t have to worry about timing, you’ll get good utilization as long as you can feed all of them. Series takes less floor space but if you aren’t careful with the timing you could end up with very low utilization where there’s a car blocking all four stations for almost its entire dry time.

Yes this please! would be awesome

+1, The AI wants to take weird paths as it is, I will have several slots waiting for vehicles and another with 4-5 cars waiting, a series conveyor (which is what real factories use) would be ideal, and the AI would have less stress I would imagine.