Music Bug Fixed Yet?

I was just scanning back through the known bugs list, and I didn’t see any note that you’d fixed that CTD bug with music and the nVidia drivers. Of course, you’ve done a lot of fixes since you mentioned that, so can I turn the music back on yet (yes, running 1.0.7 :slight_smile: )?

I also saw in your blog that this is an Open Audio conflict with nVidia’s drivers? How weird! Of course, it explains why another game that uses Open Audio continually crashes with a video driver error, which made me question the health of my vid card :angry: I hope nVidia knows about this conflict.

Otherwise, heck of a game, Cliff. Fabulous job on it. Even without music it’s become one of my worst time sinks, and believe me that’s a compliment :laughing:

edit: Ok, clearly they’re not fixed yet since two other users are having the same problem just today - oh well; I can live without the music.