Music Careers--argh!

[size=75][color=brown]Whenever I have a character get accepted by a musical career, I end up with unlimited cash. Actually, the money is set to $0, but I can buy absolutely anything. Believe it or not, I don’t like this “cheat” as it ruins the gameplay for me.

Being an aspiring saxophonist myself, I would love my people to be a musician also, with no problems…

I’m not that skilled with solving computer problems…I mean, I am tech savvy, but just not with complicated game designs and such…

Therefore, I need help! Please and thank you in advance.[/size]

Thats a new bug by the looks of it. Do you have a sava game where this is happening?, and I’ll get it fixed. email it to cliff AT You will find the save games in the MyDocuments\Kudos\Savegames directory.
I’ll try and replicate it myself anyway.

I think I have this tracked down now, so it should be fixed in the next patch.
Thanks for reporting it.

[size=75][color=brown]Oops, I’m sorry I didn’t reply fast enough. I would gladly send you a save game, but the trouble is, they crash sometimes and I just delete the game file entirely–which was the case with this one. Actually, I lied, it’s only happened once, with that same game file, and I have no idea why–it just crashed in the middle of loading.

I’m sorry, I don’t think sometimes, I’m only a thirteen-year-old wannabe computer geek… :wink: Thinking back, sending you the file is what I should have done.

But it seems like you have it pretty much figured out now, so I’ll stray away from feeling guilty.

Thank you very much for the prompt replies, I appreciate it, and admire your work very much.[/size]