[Music Mod] New music!

yes, the title says it all. really good music, right here and now. click the link, download the music, and listen. :smiley:


Nice! Did you compose these pieces yourself? It also plays back nicely in VLC but the sound file ends abruptly. I’m guessing it’s intended to loop. What’s the empire_battle.ogg.sfk file for though? I noticed it in the original game files as well and I can’t figure out what it’s for or why only the empire has this file.

Anyway, I really like setting_up_ships.ogg :smiley:

hmmm, perhaps the empire_battle.ogg.sfk means sound effects? probably not. maybe cliff knows. BTW thanks for the response! somebody actually cares! xD

From memory .sfk files are Sound Forge Audio Peak files which are generated by various Sony audio (and video) editing programs. As far as I know they store the audio file’s waveform representation.

If I’m not mistaken here I’d say any .sfk files still in the game directory are just garbage that missed cleanup before release.

ah. thanks for clearing that up. :smiley:

BTW if anyone wants a new alliance theme, i’ll post one. in fact, i already have one. :wink: just keep in mind it will sound more like a tutorial theme than a battle theme. :confused:

EDIT: alright, i guess you deserve it. new alliance music. heed my warning though. :wink:


More new music is always a good idea imho. By the way, what program was used to compose the tracks? :slight_smile:

not sure. i dug these up a long time ago. my computer’s a museum, you know. :wink: turns out, i guess i threw these songs away (no clue why) and recently found 'em. i actually had to switch everything computer-to-computer. anyway, alliance theme has been added in one of my earlier posts. :smiley:

Yeah, these music pieces are simply great.

thanks! :smiley:

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