Is there a way to put my MP3s in , so it’ll play My music?

Sorry if this has been asked and answered… still reading all the posts=-) :smiley:

I seem to recall that it only plays .ogg files.

I’ve never heard of ogg files :frowning: Guess I’ll have to see if i can find some music in that file :smiley: or can u convert mp3s?

theres a free program, called ‘audacity’ that can record music as ogg files. I think it can import mp3s. there are other free convertors too.

Just out of curiousity - why use ogg files? I’ve noticed them becoming more common, but they don’t seem to be smaller than mp3 or even waves (in some cases!) What’s the advantage to them?

It’s a free format.

MP3 is owned by the Fraunhover institute and thus anyone using it in a commercial product must pay them for it.

Free, and they give great compression. I didn’t even consider mp3 because of the licensing requirement. The sooner people make a decent ogg playing media player the better!

so, I can get Music I listen to in Ogg form? Like hinder and Such?
Then what, just put in the Music folder?
Honestly, is this just a pointless thing to do? LOL

No its cool, the game will cycle through every ogg file in that directory. I think it works on wavs too, but not MP3s.

Oh yeah - makes sense to me. My favourite player ModPlug won’t play them yet. Maybe it’ll get added.