Musicians with new instruments

Alrighty, first post here, but I’ve been running into the problem of the musicians always complaining about not having instruments good enough to fit their ability. So there abilities get up in the 90’s and 100’s and I’ve already been buying the most expensive equipment for them from back when they were in the 70s/80s range, and they still complain about having crappy gear. When I go and look into their mini profile and look at their possessions, it has everything listed including their less valuable gear.
Is there anyway for them to recognize they have the best equipment possible? Because they keep saying that they’re using poor instruments and other musicians have better gear and whatnot when everything is there for them.

And is there anyway of modding a value to change that. I know there’s some resentment type figure in the config file, but I’m not sure if that’ll solve the whole situation though.


I am almost sure it is because of a code (in the engine, not in the editable config files) about it is open ended; maybe cliffski entertained the idea of making some more instruments available during the design stage?