Hey is this Annoying anyone else? I mean surely just by rehursing you would get better at it?

Its bugging me as I’m not fast at the button pressing or remembering the sequence as I am no musician. Anyone got any suggestions?

-Don’t listen to the sound (it seems buggy at best right now, AFIACS - I just take my headphones off but you could also disable all sound in the options. If the music starts playing in the middle of practice [size=75](which it does sometimes)[/size] that can really screw you up. Also, the display of the notes is not always in sync with the representative sound)
-As the notes come up, say them out loud

-When it’s done, immediately (using the keypad is easier) type in [[color=darkred]1][[color=darkred]1][[color=green]2][[color=green]2][[color=blue]3][[color=blue]3][[color=green]2]

You’ll get better but it seems that the rest of the band improves at a quicker rate than you do. Something I’ve found to help with this is, when you first start, practice for a week or so until your musicianship level is at least 25%. Then as you take on new members, practice with them. They’ll still get better more quickly than you do but you’ll have a head start.

Hey thanks for you reply. I have been writing the sequence down as its doing it, but theres alot of paper with numbers on it and my mates think I’m nuts like the movie beautiful Minds. rofl

Till I showed them the game.

With regards to the notes not matching what’s played, can this be reproduced? Is there a chance the notes are just not playing back at the right rate? (that can be caused by other programs running in the background).

-It’s generally reproduced every time I start it but no worries…

-There’s a high probability of that, yes.

Of course there are sometimes difficulties with some things as a direct result of multi-tasking but I’m more productive as a result (at least I try to fool myself into thinking so)

When I first got this game, I started out on a freshly rebooted machine with nothing else running. It worked fine then but that was almost 6 days ago [size=75](6 days already?? Surely this game monkeys with the time-space continuum somehow. What is it about your games that alter reality? I had the same problem with Kudos)[/size]. Usually now though I have a great many things running when I decide to play KRL.

It’s not your fault, lay the blame on me. As mentioned above, I just don’t enjoy the audio (though I’m sure I’ll like to sometimes, prob’ly the method above for practicing is better for me as, if I say “[color=darkred]1,[color=darkred]1,[color=green]2,[color=green]2,[color=blue]3,[color=blue]3,[color=green]2” I can look at my keyboard and see buttons that will achieve the desired effect whereas if I just listen and hear [color=darkred]E,[color=darkred]E,[color=green]G,[color=green]G,[color=blue]B,[color=blue]B,[color=green]G it escapes me. The keypad doesn’t relate to sound in my life… yet. After many more practices, I’ll hear a doorbell or something and say to myself “[color=darkred]1,[color=indigo]5,[color=olive]4”)

This won’t be a problem when I finally start using my other computer again.

with nothing but the game running there are still sound issues.

The notes line up okay but only for the first few practice sessions
[size=75](however I still find it easier to remember the notes with no music for the reasons mentioned above)[/size]

After a few turns there’s no sound but sporadically
[size=75](once in a while when I click from the ‘DAILY_OPTIONS’ page or something I’ll hear the title music)[/size]

It must just be an issue with this rubbish instrument I’m stuck with as I don’t believe I’ve ever heard the Chaos Death Hell song that was mentioned before.

Really I’ve never heard any band play any song…

Sure it’s just my computer - but still, everybody that uses this game will not likely have a perfect computer and/or they may not want to shut everything else off just to play it. This might still be an issue worth looking into at some point.

Aside from that and regardless of the fact that I get almost no sound out of this game, it’s still very enjoyable.

I just tried ‘Kudos - the game’ and although I didn’t have any sound effects, the music played steadily (the same way, I’m presuming, it should in ‘Rock Legend’?)

I’ll try to be more helpful when I have a different computer to work with.

Sorry to hijack your thread.

But does the notes speed increase as your musicianship increases ?
I’ve been high up before but today the notes whizz thru and most times I can’t see them then alone remember them :blush: 8) :open_mouth:

You didn’t hijack anything; this thread was started by Selucid seeking information about practice. A question regarding the speed of the notes:musicianship levels certainly qualifies as relevant… no need to be sorry

[size=150]Yes, it appears that the notes start coming through at 100bpm and with each successful sequence the bpm increases by 2.[/size]

It does become difficult at higher speeds but the ‘trails’ help (image of the note fades away as the next one comes. This is just the nature of computer graphics, not necessarily a ‘benefit’ of having a “rubbish instrument” although I’m sure that with a top-end graphics subsystem it won’t be as noticeable)

Read my tips above (vocal repetition helps more than you may think)
You’ll possibly figure out that, as you say the notes, they’ll be all done coming by the time you say the third one - don’t give up but look ahead quickly and you’ll subconsciously see

The colors are helpful too and sometimes it’s a kind of a guess. Pay attention closely and you’ll prob’ly get it right [size=84](if you get it wrong you’ll know because the note won’t be displayed/audible when you press the “appropriate” key)[/size]

This was a tough part of the game to balance. If you are a musician (or ex musician like me) the whole mini game is trivially easy. Some people find it very very easy, some people just find it outrageously difficult. It’s not a game-killer if you really can’t do it though. You don’t have to be good musicians, you can counterbalance it by having a big stage show or great songs.

Or you could just change the melodies.txt file to be very simple. 1,2,3,4,5.


Or you could change the rate at which you gain ability in the config file. MUSICIAN_PRACTICE_PROGRESS is the tag. I find the practice mini-game kind of tedious so I set the number pretty high and don’t have to practice very often.

Tryed that but you will find when you get a better instrument it resets.

if you must cheat to gain musicianship you could just open melodies.txt, locate the appropriate line in the file, read it and type :astonished:

Found something interesting. I changed the musicianship rate and just for grins I decided to practice until I had rock gods with 100% for all my band. My character couldn’t go above 98.49%. It would show it increase, but the next practice it was back there (I disabled the decay rate). Other interesting thing was that some of the band went over 100%.

I take that back.

Actually, I un/re-installed my sound card
[size=92](using only the necessary drivers, not any excess Creative software)[/size]
and… NOW I HAVE SOUND! :astonished: :slight_smile: 8)

It actually is sometimes easier with sound [size=84](y’can still “see” where the notes land even when looking away)[/size]
It still helps a lot to say the numbers though [size=84](especially when the synthesizer takes a turn to make the sound)[/size]
Cliff is apparently working on this anyway so if you don’t want to go that route just wait.
Maybe this’ll help someone?