Mutliplayer Key is not working.


I’m trying to enter my mutliplayer key for Gratuitous Space Battles ingame, but it says Code invalid!
I typed and copy\pasted key which steam gives me in ХХХХ-ХХХХ-ХХХХ-Х format with and without “-”.
Tried with router and directly, deactivating firewall and anti-virus.
But still getting the error.

Thank you.

GSB uses built in windows http networking to contact the server. In English, what this means is that the control panel for internet explorer is where the settings are read. So if you have a proxy server set up for internet explorer, the game cannot connect properly 9It does not support proxies).
If that isn’t it, you must have some other setting or piece of software on there that is blocking outgoing http requests. If you have Norton internet security installed, pls uninstall it. It’s rubbish :smiley:

Unfortunately, not the case. I’m not using proxy. And my anti-virus is avast, which was disabled for the most of tries. Can’t think of any other software with any blocking abilities exists at this machine.