My compliments to the modders

With other pc games, I’ve never really played user modded content as I’ve always had the feeling it would be a bit clunky and potentially ruin the gaming experience. Whether this is true I don’t actually know, but with the modded content of GSB, it very definitely isn’t.

They all look fantastic, matching the official content nearly seamlessly. Whether it’s the darkly sinister Xedilco or the shiny smoothness of the Collective, they all fit. On one of the Praetorian Industries that I’ve zoomed in on for a closer look at (the Aeetes I think), the lights from windows even reflect off the hull! That kind of attention to detail comes as something of a surprise when it comes from people who are effectively doing this for fun. The work put in on giving so much content to the mods (see Uni:T and Praetorian Industries as examples) must be huge and rather than taking away from the fun as I was expecting from player mods, adds to it and increases the scope of the game as a whole. Hulls, weapons effects, sounds, scenarios…brilliant!

And also kind of off putting…

As I’ve been playing around with my Diary of a Space Tyrant Thread (a shameless plug I know, but go read if you haven’t already), I’ve also been looking at maybe dipping my toe in the murky modding waters myself. In particular, I was looking at adding the Narn from Babylon 5 which is where the problems started. I wanted to do justice to the race as well as produce a mod that at least visually would look the part next to the others. Getting the art together was difficult as a handful of ships had really good artwork, but the others weren’t up to scratch. I was left with the choice of either producing a small mod with good artwork that didn’t do justice to the race, or one that had all the ships I wanted but didn’t look right.

So back to the drawing board…and trawling through the mod forums I saw an unfinished mod using ships from Galactic Civilizations 2, another game I have, which looked pretty good alongside the official races and so…

I’ve decided to port over a race of my own design from that game to this. Ideas have been jotted down, ship designs have formed in my head, weapon ideas have similarly formed, there’s module ideas and even a backstory. In fact, I have two or three races I could add but let’s not run before we can walk. This will be slow going as I’m very much a noob at all this, so don’t expect to see it next week or anything. It WILL be finished however, this isn’t a game I see myself ever really becoming bored with as there’s just such a massive variety of things I still have to play with.

What can i say? Well, thank you mate =D
I feel the same thing about the modding community and its mods, they are all great, and none of them ruin the game, something very common in other moddig communities.

I’m thankful and glad of begin a part of the great community that lives in this modding tab, thank you all!

Thank you sir for your kind words.

while every modder in this forum has, at some point, received direct praise yours is the first time to my knowledge that someone has applauded the entire community as a whole. And for that I thank you, because truth be told, most of the best mods GOT that way because when one of us hits a snag, someone else offers advice.

I know I for one would never have gotten Union off the ground had it not been for people like Archduke Astro, and Darkstar. And MANY others have continued providing me inspiration and determination to keep going.

My point being…please don’t feel put off from modding because you think that quality of work is beyond you. Cause I’ll tell you right now it’s not! The best part of this community is that it’s JUST that, a community and if you need help, have a question, or get just plain stuck someone can probably help.

So best of luck with your mod sir, and whatever you do…DO NOT GIVE UP!

I…should…probably take my own advice and get back to working on the Union mod now lol

I too would like to extend my humble thanks for your praise. While we modders are, in general, putting forth our efforts for fun and our own enjoyment, there is definitely a form of joy to be found in knowing we are not playing to an empty theater.

I love the phrase “race of my own design”. As much as I am a devotee of various sci-fi franchises, I will admit to a big preference for new things. Showcase your creativity, and I will be the first to applaud.

Welcome to the world of modding, friend. Ask us questions, and we shall answer. And again, thank you.

I have to add my appreciation of the work people have put in to producing mods for GSB. I’ve been gone for a long time and didn’t know what to expect when I came back. Turns out you guys are just as awesome as ever. Maybe things aren’t as fast-paced as they used to be, but the quality of the work is at least as high. Give me quality over quantity any day :slight_smile:

I’ve been told that once in a great while, some of the mod content posted on this sub-forum has been occasionally been in a player’s game folder for so long that over time, it even gets mistaken for official core GSB content. Yes, it actually happens. While being a chuckle-worthy moment shared between friends, it’s also very high praise indeed.

Redd13, thanks for the big thumbs-up. :slight_smile: It’s pleasing to know that folks appreciate the effort we pour into our work.

I’ll second that thought, Ace. In fact, I’ll gladly admit that I’m primarily modding for my own personal enjoyment. That always comes first.

However, I have been (and still am) of the opinion that if the resulting content is good enough to pass my own criteria for success, then other folks should have a chance to see it and play it for their enjoyment, too.

Hi there, Kemp; welcome back! [-handshake-]

Even though what we modders are doing & talking about does make up the vast majority of the remaining forum activity around here, we’re truly “keeping the flame alive”. The quality of this game’s mods continues to rise, even so far into the winter of GSB’s long life. As for the now-slower frequency of how often newer mods are released, well…clichés aside, some forms of quality really do require a great deal of time. I’m pleased that we’re upholding our respective standards.

On an appointed day that is not as hopelessly far ahead as I once feared, I’ll gladly remind you of those words. :wink: [-walks away, innocently whistling-]

Well I’m sure I don’t know what you’re talking about.

I also send my compliments. GSB is a game that wouldn’t be the same without modding. Unlike most games, GSB not only allows modding but practically encourages it. So easily approachable for modders, an amazing modding community had formed. Many masterpieces have been created by our talented modders, and many feel like they’re part of my core game. The mighty ships of the Great Powers provide a mere core for the massive expansion that has been created. There are so many great mods out there: Archduke Astro’s Classic Dreadnoughts and AcePalarum’s Stations play key roles in my Great Power fleets; Praetorian Industries provides a massive fleet and campaign which demonstrate the full power of the modding community; Uni-T and Union provide a force which combines the greatest of the Great Powers; GATC’s races provide a different graphic style & combat dynamic which still works in their own special way; just to name a few of them.

The combination of all the great mods gives GSB its true power. We all respect the work modders put into there mods, and I enjoy the fun of creating my own mods and sharing with others. With modders across the globe GSB’s modding community may be smaller, but still a wonderful international group.

I would also add those two mods do so without breaking the game (though admittedly we come close)

In all seriousness that comment is JUST what I needed to read! On my birthday, to see Union and Uni-T get some praise and recognition for the mod content as well as the story content…it’s quite heartwarming.

You’re right, of course, about how GSB “Practically encourages” modding…but it’s more than that…THIS FORUM encourages modding…more than simple access to the game ever could! I’ve never ONCE read a post that encouraged a modder to park his or her ship idea in drydock…Nor have I EVER read an insulting reply about a module idea.

No, rather than shoot people down…this forum helps people UP providing suggestions, CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, praise for an attempt at modding, advice, and even flat out assistance whenever possible! There are people in this forum that I recognize as friends both in and outside the forums.

This is, by far, the finest forum community I’ve ever belonged too…and I consider it something of an honor and a privilege to be a part of. Make no mistake ladies and gentlemen we ALL deserve to pat ourselves on the back for that!

I also would like to add on my thanks the modders and members in the GSB forum.
Over the last three years i have really enjoyed being a part of this forum and I am grateful for all the help the community as provided me as i learned and developed my contributions to the forum.

One thing i have always admired is the variety of talent that can be found along with the friendly atmosphere. For me it is better than any place i have come across in all my years of modding.

Hmm, Careful what you wish for . . :wink:

Heheh, Innocent you aint, mate . .
BTW - have you got anything to throw my way yet ?