My Day 1 feedback and suggestions

Gosh , so many notes…

  1. You need an option to scale UI for monitors with higher resolution.
  2. I love how the icons look inside the income/expenditure screen, but government borrowing and debt interest don’t have icons.
  3. When you click debt interest the screen closes
  4. When you click government borrowing nothing happens
  5. Why is it income | expenditure on the main screen but when you click it’s expenditure | income?
  6. In some charts you have icons on the bottom for what policies were implemented, but not under the voting intentions chart
  7. Music is great at the start but was on repeat over and over and after an hour I got tired of the music.
  8. Reshuffling cabinet crashes the game
  9. Quit tutorial button in the electioneering screen does not click
  10. What causes the debt crisis? when it happens nothing is under “causes”. Also, it goes up and down randomly sometimes.
  11. After an election you select the ministers you want to fire (it says FIRE on top of their picture) but then when you click reshuffle the ones selected are the ones you keep, so it’s the opposite effect from what it says.
  12. Idk if it’s a bug or not, but when putting new car subsidies the Motorist (income) goes to 100% regardless of what setting (but makes sense since my current income is 0%)
  13. The last character in the Subsidy Sam achievement is not a character.
  14. Population has a negative effect on pollution, shouldn’t it be the opposite?
  15. Water shortage seems to still be an issue even with most environmental policies active.
  16. Ban Non LED bulbs situation: the first option is missing the “non”
  17. The game hunting restrictions policy is under tax, but it shouldn’t be.
  18. Hospital overcrowding doesn’t go down with healthcare vouchers, neither does healthcare demand
  19. News headlines can be quite repetitive, I’m getting almost every turn headlines for Import Tariffs and to put armed police.
  20. I kinda miss the bold in icons. Sometimes when the blue ones are small it’s hard to see what it is.

But overall, a great game!! Spent all day playing and had lots of fun. Will keep you updated! Thanks Cliff!

Wow, great list. Some of this is already fixed in the current installer. After the next update I’ll change the version number for everyone, but you can re-grab the installer now if you like.
I will go through all these tomorrow and see what are quick fixes.

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UI scaling would be really nice…