My Documents mods?


With many other Positech games (kudos, democracy 2, others IIRC), mods can be placed in a folder in My Documents. This has two big advantages: 1) it doesn’t involve modifying the core game files, which means easier installing/removing mods, less painful patch/reinstall experiences, etc.; 2) each mod is separated and, well, modular, which makes everything easier to work with in general.

Is this possible for Kudos 2? If not, how difficult would it be to add support for this in a future patch? Second to a set of editor tools, this is about the biggest boon to Kudos 2 modding that I can imagine.

Hi, kudos 2 DOES support this :smiley:
The folder you are looking for is now inside MyDocuments\My Games\Kudos 2\mods

This contains the following folders:

Bitmaps (anything in here can be sued just like a bitmap in the main game)
Classes (adding a new csv format in the same format as eveningclasses.csv will load them in from here)
Jobs (same as above, add csv files here for new jobs)
layers (used for adding new avatar layers)
scripts (used for new scripts)

I’ll be doing better documentation on this very soon.

With the scripts, do you just put any script in here or does it need to follow the same as in the main Kudos2 directory and have like \scripts\jobs for those effect sections. Also where would the scripts normally found in \data\simulation\jobevents reside?

Either way, looking forward to the upcoming documentation.

Hmmm these are good questions. Off the top of my head, only the scripts in the normal scripts folder could be found there (like the losing a friend script). I will endeavour to document this properly, as well as look to make everything runnable from MyDocuments with the next update.

So, all of the different things cannot be modified from this directory? Which way is preferred? Should I be putting a mod file together in the My Documents path. Will it read multiple csv’s put in those directories or do they have to be named something specific?

Just wondering.

multiple csvs are fine and preferably they go in that mydocuments my games branch of stuff. The name of the csvs should be irrelevant, it just goes through each file in the correct folder.