My findings

Here are a few things I’ve noticed, I don’t think they’ve been posted yet.

The bolt-action rifle can’t be unlocked. I’ve unlocked everything but it and it doesn’t give me the option of unlocking anything after battle anymore and it never appeared as an option.

Missiles are possibly too powerful, especially the incendiaries. My medium tank with incen outperforms everything by a wide margin, often getting ratios of 10 or more on the total/supply cost screen.

The description for the Dunkirk medal suggests you must have 200 infantry make it to the end when attacking, but I got it without deploying a single unit of infantry.

Infantry don’t fire often on the attack because their cone of vision is always looking straight ahead. Even with an ambulance they seem to die too easily without doing much damage, so I never take them on attack.

It is possible to make impossible units by making a text file with whatever components you want. It doesn’t help out tanks or mechs, but you can make super-powered infantry. I made an infantry unit with incendiary missiles, and while it was hilariously expensive (about 3500 pts per unit), it was also completely devastating.

Thanks, I may nerf missiles a bit.
Don’t forget infantry have high victory points. They arent there to kill the turrets, but to make it to the end and score points. And in defense, they get a cover bonus from the trenches.

Regarding infantry on the attack, their real advantage is the VP they score more than their offensive ability, I think. Also, infantry, while they might not as much damage, can also be very hard to hit while on the move unless the enemy is prepared for them. I’ve certainly had quite a bit of success with a well timed infantry charge on the attack.

I understand that they give tons of vp but the supply trucks are far easier to keep alive in my opinion. I’ve had no trouble winning without the Infantry.

Here’s a few more.

-The unlock window displays improperly. It was fine for the first few battles but then it changed and has been like this ever since. Here’s a pic:

-Somehow one of my units glitched out where it changed from a heavy mech to an infantry unit. It was free, white, all slots were empty, and wouldn’t move. It also stopped the ai from deploying any turrets and I had to close the game because the mission wouldn’t end with them on the field. When I reloaded the game the unit was back to normal. This was in the first build of the game and I have no idea how to reproduce this.

-Several of the augmentations have the same price like Damage Enhancement I and II both cost 5 and Sprinting I and II both cost 1 etc. This makes the level I upgrades useless. Also, if I understand correctly, Damage Enhancement is basically the anti-armor/shield/internal upgrade rolled into one, but the level II prices are all 5 points. Also on pricing of augs, one or five points per upgrade barely affects tank/mech/turret cost while a five point upgrade significantly boosts an infantry units cost, often with little benefit making the unit very cost inefficient. Maybe the price should be between one and three for infantry and an overall price increase to vehicle augs?