My Game is stuck on the Intro Splash

I was playing the Humble Bundle version of this game and absolutely loved it, so I bought the full version, with galactic conquest and all the expansions - this game is the bomb.

Just one problem. Since I installed galactic conquest… the game won’t load past the introductory splash screen. I can push escape and it will ask me if I really want to quit, but besides that I am unable to interact with this game anymore. Help!

I’m running on an Intel i3 core, Windows 7 64 bit, integrated graphics card.

For the game to run with campaign mod you HAVE to be connected to the internet. Or it will do what it is doing, OR if you never got online and put in you details for that version of the game it might hang. My suggestion is to uninstall the campaign mode and then enter in the online code and reinstall campaign mode. If that does not fix it then its something else and will need to have more looking into.

Ah, I see. I didn’t bother putting in the multiplayer code yet. Put a fresh install of the base game, entered it in, then installed the expansion.

It’s working now. Thanks!

Heh sweet news chalk one up for good ole Lonestar! I’m glad to have helped you!