My GSB is now FUBAR

Crazy stuff has happened to my computer

A few hours ago I bought the new Outcasts expansion and in my eagerness to play it, launched GSB and, expecting to have to unlock the new Outcast modules tried to click on the fleet HQ button…this crashed the game due to an “Unable to find race” error.

checked all my files, made sure everything was right and re-launched GSB…same thing happened.

Repeat this at least 20 times over the course of 5 hours without any change…Out of desperation I backed up the mods and uninstalled the game, and all its components completely and re-installed the game.

The game works fine now…BUT I have none of the patches, the game automatically update them and I cannot find them so I’m stuck in version 1.36, I have all the expansion races, but cannot use them since not all the required patches are active.

may be cliff should make a one time installer that installs on the patches and all the dlc up to this point

Probably the simplest solution is to re-download the installer (ask Cliff for a new download link if necessary). That’s how I handled the issue when I switched to my newest computer and my installer was a year and a half out of date. Theoretically the game should patch itself, but from reading the forums it sounds like that’s sometimes a “hit or miss” situation.

My situation has been resolved. Much thanks to Cliffski for his rapid response to my issues…the Outcasts new toys ROCK!