MY idea, give me your thoughts

hey, ive been thinking recently that prehaps the system of government in this game really assumes a standard Democratic Society, but i thought it might be fun if you could adopt other systems, like natzism (without the mass genocide and ethnic cleansing) or socialim, or communism, i know you can adopt certain socialist policies, but unless you mod to have almost 100% socialist population you dont really stand a chance of being re elected.

I’m all for it, it would be a great addition if it was sort of like a feature where after a certain amount of policies or even at the start of the game you could over-haul the government to a facism or communism sort, that permits you those options…

I don’t think it’s going to be worked on though(?)

one thing about this game that seems to give each single game a short shelf life it that the aim seems to be to install all the availble policies over an amount of time that balences the books and opionions, as they all have some kind of posistive long term impact.

giving varitie such as communism and facism would give a variety to the game and make it more stratgic for example:

the enviromentalists are opposed to the goverment and wont vote for it at the next genral election. as they only make up 9% of the population, an assisnation hit squad could wipe them out, or a gespo style police force could scare them into voting.

this could also create concequences, for example the approval rating of motorists could increase and the approval rating of liberals descrease. the gdp and prodtivty could decrease as 9% of the population is killed.