My interface suggestions


Just two (what I hope are minor) suggestions.

When dragging a box or just clicking individual ships to select them in deploy mode, I’d like to be able to hold shift to add newly selected ships to the current selection.

In the battle screen, if I click to select a ship to see its status, I’d like the status display to remain visible even if I click and drag to move the camera.

Nice game, BTW.

I’d also like to see the a couple changes.

When you select a ship in a battle, you get alot of good info, but as I use the same hulls for several different ships, I’d like to see the ship name too. Being able to see ship speed in the deployment screen would be quite valuable as well.

As I recall holding ctrl does an add+select.
is the speed not in the tooltip when you hover over a design icon?

I’ll have to look, maybe i just have the dumb…lol

Ah, maybe it’s just an issue with the Mac version. Also, when deleting text on the mac version, key-repeat doesn’t work. This is also not a big deal. :wink:

OK! I have it figured out.

You can hold splat to multi-select, but only single clicks. If you drag a box, it deselects anything already selected regardless of the splat button being held down. I don’t know how it behaves on PC.