My List of Suggestions (WIP 0.2)

I’m working on a list of suggestions that i think will add more flavor to the game.
Mostly little things that I think could be added relatively easily; nothing game-changing anything.
I’m gonna update this post frequently (hopefully) hence the version number I’ve put in the Subject Title haha.

-More variety in pet portraits; so you feel like everyone doesn’t have the exact same cat

-The ability to type your own status; after choosing a topic.
example: Click Status Bar > Click Post > Type Message > Confirm …
You have your own custom message and the ai interprets the message as the type you chose.

-More variety in the ai messages.
I’ve barely played the game and I’ve already seen the same messages posted by different characters
far too many times.
Example ‘Hey, I just wanted to see if your timeline is working’

-The ability to change your profile picture.
Maybe choose a posture, sad, neutral, happy, etc.

-Minor rewards for completing aspirations.
+1 charisma, etc

-Option to change auto-scroll speed
I find it’s far too fast currently and always need to go back and re-read everything
This is particularly bad in away missions where you can’t go back and re-read.

-Show purchased items in your room / behind your character.
This might take more work but will add lots of flavor if done right.

-Add adjustable difficulty levels
Even something simple, like making less money from jobs, taking longer to gang skills,
health/happiness degrades quickly etc.

-Shopping should be a more difficult interest to gain.
Buying simple meals from the shop shouldn’t make me love shopping so much.

Thanks so much for the list! This is very helpful. :slight_smile: I’ve addressed some of the concerns below.

This may be difficult as there’s no in-house artist so means trying to source more artwork externally – but it is a possibility! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, this is unlikely, as the AI would have to be able to accurately interpret the message and tone of what you’re typing in order to be convincing/useful, I’m afraid! (Even if you are choosing the topic yourself, a player could potentially then type whatever they felt like, after all). Which is a difficult Natural Language Processing problem.

Ah, of course, this is somehting that will definitely change before release! The timeline posts are very limited indeed at the moment, but are designed to give you an idea of how the feature works! So yes, definitely expect to see more message content. :slight_smile:

These are good suggestions! Thanks.

Also duly noted – thank you again for the suggestions. Do bump the topic up if you think of anything else. :slight_smile: