My Little Mod

Hy All!!!
I do a little mod for this game It’s about new venues , new assets and new songtitles
here are the screenshots :
and here is the mod :;11750578;/fileinfo.html

Good Job!

thx:D i working on and the new version of this is coming soon

and now i working on this mod and now it’s greater than the last version of this
so here are the new screenshots :
and here is the mod new version :;11759171;/fileinfo.html

This looks awesome, if you would like the mod officially hosted on the rock legend website, just email me and let me know (
Nice work!

The new version released .
-fix the rehearsal bug
-add one new venue
-add two new guitars and one drum
-fix some bugs

to download :

Ok, now my game is all buggered and I cannot play. Can this mod be safely removed or do i have to resinstall the game?

:confused: You have to reinstall the game. I didn’t test it all versions with my one it’s 100% worked.