Hi to all!
If you help 1001 thanks to ya! :slight_smile:

I am modding my game, for my pleasure right now, and after 4 hours i figured out the “mods” folder and how to use it! My policies show up in game, my icon everything, but i have a problem when trying to activate it in game! When i click on any other polices it does fine, lets me do normal, but THE SECOND i click on my policy it freezes! Every time! If i never click on it the game runs smooth! I don’t evan see the info screen when i click on it!
What can i do, or what am i doing wrong? This is my first mod BTW! :slight_smile: so i am playing but trying to learn! PLEASE help! :slight_smile:


I’m new to modding as well, and I had something similar happen to me when I tried to create a country. I found out the problem was that I had my files in the wrong place. Check to see if your stuff is where it needs to be.


Lilman, can you attach a copy of your policies file so I can see what it says? I may be able to help more then.


But i have it in the simulation folder in my mod folder ,:slight_smile:
Same as the actual game! Last night this problem wasn’t one when playing! I made 1 change to the description and BAM it messes up! So idk!

Ill try to change stuff!


And Elinor! I am currently mobile and not home!

Well i got a pic!
It says!
Name. … Guiname. . …Sli … Intro C/ R/L/ DEP/ minmax/CM/IMP/ minmax I/.

obamacare /Obama Care/ tax/ description/ 8 /8/ 5/ 5 /TAX/ 0 /100/ 0 /4 /. 1000/ 15000/ #Effects

That is all it had in a polieces (however it is spelled) folder by itself! RIGHT NOW! :wink:

I know it is messy Srry! :frowning:

This is in a polices.csv folder in my mod folder! Just like it said to do!

Cliffski Please help! PLEASE! I need this fixed! Anybody with experience!

upload the mod, or at least, post the policy tothis thread. otherwise it’s hard to say what the bug is.

I can’t like i don’t understand what u need… What could i have done to make it not work?

open the csv file, copy the content and post it as a reply

# obamacare Obama Care tax This is a tax that will not only improve health but socilists will love it, but the young groups and liberals think diffrently! 8 8 5 5 TAX 4 1000 15000 #Effects Young,0+(-0.08*x) _MiddleIncome,0+(-0.08*x) PovertyRate,0+(0.06*x),4 Health,0.05+(0.10*x),4 Liberal,0.05+(-0,10*x)

You notice something?
It should be 0.05-(0.10*x)

Yeah I bet that’s it :smiley: