My opinion regarding some policies

I believe school prayers and faith school subsidies cost way to much o]political capital. I beleive it shouldn’t cost that much, unless there is a reason i’m not aware of.

Also i believe conservatives should oppose gay marriage rather than have no opinion on it

Lastly i beleive helicopter money should generate a lot more inflation than it currently generates.

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In most of the developed world, the idea of having the government mandate every child should pray in school is absolutely insane. Most countries have freedom of and from religion, so implementing school prayers would mean a massive change. I think the political capital cost is warranted.

As far as I’m aware, the only reason some conservatives oppose marrige equality is because they also are religious. Most moderate conservative/liberal conservative parties in Europe have nothing against it.


About the shcool prayers i can sort of see that. However, in-game religous broadcasts, forcing religious oaths and even compulsory church attendance have lower political costs. That is another reason i was wondering. In my opinion forcing people to go to church is more extreme than forcing their children to pray at school.

Regarding gay marriage: i believe that the reason these conservative parties have no problem with it is because society at developed countries became more liberal. 20 years ago opposing gay marriage was seen as nothing more than having a opinion. Nowadays is seen as extremism. However i still believe that hardcore conservatives hold some oposition to gay marriage despite not being religious.

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It does sound like the capita costs are the wrong way round if we are implying that compulsory church attendence is less tricky to implement than school prayer. I will take a look at this…


Well in most Western societies there tends to be at least some level of support for same sex marriage among Conservatives, though yes generally speaking Conservatives would be opposed to it, however the game balances for personal political opinions which kind of solves this in my view

Yeah I’m Irish and even when the church and state were near inseparable we didn’t force prayer in school at least to my knowledge.

Actually it was sorry during the 70’s and 80’s as well as before school prayer was enforced as all schools were owned by the clergy, but Mass attendance was not.

That is true. However the same can be said about religious, who, although generally speaking oppose same-sex marriage, not all of them do, with some even carrying these marriages on their churches. Also in-game conservatives oppose LGBT rights in general, going as far as support banning homossexuality. I believe that if someone supports banning homosexuality, they would support banning gay marriages as well.

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