My Own Malaganga Guide for Rookies.

Results: End of first term: $15b budget surplus, elected with 88.15% of the vote, technological advantage, high productivity.

i Primary Problem: GDP
ii Secondary Problem: Poverty
iii Tertiary Problem: Pollution
iv Quaternary Problem: Tax Evasion, debt warning, petrol protests
v Cautionary Notes

i Primary Problem
The most difficult part of this scenario is generating cash and keeping a positive cash flow. To do this one needs to increase GDP and keep it high. The problem technologic backwater needs to be addressed first. Enact technology grants as soon as possible and increase their levels to maximum next term. Increasing university grants, science funding, state schools funding, and small business grants help immensely.

ii Secondary Problem
After stabilizing the GDP you can start to pick off individual problems. Most of the major issues touch on the theme of poverty, so reducing poverty decreases hospital overcrowding, street gangs, vigilante mobs, inner city riots, and contagious disease

iii Tertiary Problem
After reducing poverty and crime, begin to focus on pollution and health. You already have a head start after dealing with contagious disease so this shouldn’t be difficult. The problems of asthma and pollution can then be solved.

iv Quaternary Problem
Tax Evasion will crop up but you can lower it once you establish a positive cash flow. Petrol Protests will also arrive but you can repeal this tax once you establish cash flow and have pollution controls, carbon tax, hybrid tax incentives to counter the rise in pollution.

v Cautionary Notes
-I would recommend NOT touching defense spending, you’re going to bug the patriots, open yourself up for attack, and for ‘military whistleblower.’
-I would recommend NOT touching gambling. Increasing it causes an increase in GDP but pernicious organized crime develops.
-I would recommend NOT touching anything transportation related, it won’t help solve your primary problem.
-I would recommend NOT toying with creationism/evolution.
-I would recommend NOT touching the gun laws, narcotics, drinking laws, or smoking laws.
-I would recommend NOT touching corporation tax at all. It will effect your GDP and annoy the socialists depending on your actions.

All figures are in US dollars. First number is the budget, second number is the approval, on/off indicate events, dilemmas not included.

Turn by turn:

  1. (initial) -16.6b, 16%, introduce tech. grants.
  2. -19.4b, 17%, increase tech. grants to full, increase university grants to full.
  3. -19.7b, 21%, community policing to full, police force to 2b total.
  4. -18.5b, 20%, science funding to max.
  5. -15.6b, 22%, state schools funding to 6b
  6. -12.0b, 29%, health service funding to 10b, street gangs off
  7. -10.0b, 36%, introduce small business grants, increase funding for small business grants to full, introduce recycling and increase to full, tax evasion on, vigilante mobs off, debt warning on.
  8. -12.0b, 44%, increase unemployment benefits to 900m
  9. -10.14, 45%, introduce clean energy subsidies, increase state housing funding to 5b
  10. -7.9b, 46%, introduce rural development grants, contagious disease off, hospital overcrowding off, technology backwater off.
  11. -2.11b, 47%, increase rural development grants to full
  12. +11.0b, 50%
  13. +14.2b, 52% repeal maternity leave, increase clean energy subsidies to max, inner city riots off, petrol protests on.
  14. +15.1b, 61%, introduce pollution controls, technological advantage on, high productivity on, wasteful economy off.

Re-elected with 88.15% of the vote.