My Suggestions 1.64

  • Imports Tab: remove “Any”, leave “Prefer Local” (default) and “Only Local”. Why some one need Any?
  • Components Window: mark those, that can’t be produced locally. For example, dashes in the Produced column. Click on the component - open Research window.
  • Range Input GUI: add plus/minus buttons.
  • Make Slots Panel: Group “Make ***” to separate folder in the left panel (sort alphabetically).

Thanks for the feedback. There is actually a potential use for any. If your local production does not currently meet demand, and you want a particular line to not get held up, any makes sense, as with prefer local, you may find that if production is some distance away, there is a lag between ordering and receiving. ‘any’ ensures resources come from the closest location, which should also be the fastest.

Good point on the components window, that would be helpful

I’m not sure what you mean by range input? is that vehicle price? we have redesigned that GUI so many times :smiley:

I do wonder about the best layout for the slots. its kind of grown organically to have make under the appropriate fit…but then we have some advanced production elsewhere… arggghh.

Then I agree with veladon’s Global prefer local.

I’m usial create Stock with “Only local” near Slot with “Preffer local”. It helps with distance.

Range Input in Vehicle price and Stockpile. Change value with mouse drag or mouse scroll very inaccurate.

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