My suggestions. (like we havent heard that before)

Tesla weapons: Weapons that shoot bolts of electricity that jump to other nearby ships, doing damage and what-not.
Corrosive weapons: Projectiles that do damage over time.
Radiation weapons: Do progressive low-level damage over a wide spread area.
Sniping laser: Long range, High power, Long recharge. (This is a mod weapon already :D)
Booster engine: An engine that give intermittent boosts of speed.
Some way of seeing enemy stats, Even if it is just basic…
Mother-ship: Hugely expensive, with a large array of hardpoints.
I would also like to see some way of assaulting planets. (just for the gratuitous epic battles that come tied with attacking an entire planet)
A more friendly user interface for ship hull selection in ship creation. Its irritating to have to scroll and find the hull I’m looking for every time. Especially with mod ships on the list to.
Maybe races on a tab system? with thumbnails of each ship in its own class section?
Lastly. some kind of sandbox mode. Where you can fulfill all your gratuitous needs. testing fleets, just for the hell of it, or making challenges.
EDIT: While I remember.
Comms messages that pop up when something hasn’t happened for a while. (battles are sometimes a bit slow to start)
Similar commands for getting other things like device names (“oh no our Exploded!”) and ship names in your fleet. Or make it so messages refer to each other eg. “Holy Space-Cows , you just took one huge hit to your starboard bow! are you ok?”

Radiation is a good idea. Maybe a radiation blast bomb which does damage over the next five minutes, gradually. That could be pretty cool…

I like to think so, but it might be overly powerful against fighters, them having low health and all. Fighters could get melted pretty quickly. :I
Then again. This is where Tin-foil armor comes in handy.

Like your wep ideas , and the Mothership concept …im ok with the interface …i have gotten used to it. Someone posted on another topic about being able to edit challenge maps more …i think that would also improve the game …more patches like the new race is nice too …maybe some bio races. Also …fighting against ships is cool but how about giant space monters …that say threaten a colony (crystal entity anyone…hehe) it would be cool to send your fleet against them. Also some planetary assaults or maybe planetary defense systems …good game to use as blueprint would be Star Trek Legacy …

Going with the mothership idea, why not make a Flagship? A ship you directly control in the game like a regular rts, or atleast could modify it’s shape and color? That’d be fun. I could work on a flagship for days tweaking with it. :smiley:

Haha Space monsters, i will not deny that could be quite a battle, However making an nice looking Space-Monster would only be the start of the troubles. At least spaceships don’t wriggle about. I suppose a bio race would be nice. “They can’t use auto repair kits - but their ships repair themselves anyway”. any new race would be sweet in honesty. I expect cliffski has quite a few ideas for races in the works crosses fingers closes eyes wishes
A custom colorable flagship would be doable I’m sure and orgasmic.
Though their are a few problems that would cause. Like. I would cram my flagship in every damn battle i could, Just because i wanted to watch it go! Though cliffski’s new supply system could sort that out I’m sure.
As for being able to control it. As much I yearn to be able to control the ships (or a ship), i know. That deep down. The game wouldn’t have the same magic.