My suggestions

Here are some of my suggestions, in no particular order … (some of these may have been mentioned in other posts, but I’m going to mention them anyway. If I missed a mention …sorry, these ones I commented on)

  1. More animations in all work slots. these could be people pressing buttons, conveyors feeding the main line with parts instead of the parts magically appearing, and people just standing scratching heads.
  2. Each production slot having enough pallet space to hold 2 cars worth of parts.
  3. Each slot getting parts delivered to it that is next in line to be fitted instead of just filling the pallets with a set amount of each part.
  4. Buying in parts and storing them in a warehouse to be used instead of having an importer conveyor. Then supplying the shop floor from the warehouse. (also mentioned by darkensign here
  5. Separate production lines for engine/drive-train production.
  6. Separate production line for tyre/wheel assembly.
  7. Have separate front and rear doors,seats and lights.
  8. The body should be fit AFTER the engine assembly.
  9. All the manufacture slots to be remade and only have on show what would be in that slot. i.e. The Chassis slot would only have storage area for parts, machines to work/program the robots. staff who may work in that area. I’m still trying to work out why there are rolls of steel all over the place, surely these should be kept in the steel rolling slot or a stores/warehouse area.
  10. An option to redesign your own work slots, a bit like the editor that I can’t seem to find anymore. (not that I knew how to use it ;o)
  11. Having a visual storage for overflow of finished cars, being able to sell off older models at a reduced price. (also mentioned by Zyme here

To be sure, this is an awesome game, I’m having a ball playing it and I’m looking forward to what you have planned for future updates. Keep up the great work Cliff

Another suggestion …
The ability to move production slots, conveyors, power slots, basically anything you have put down on the factory floor, the ability to reposition it somewhere else instead of having to destroy it then build it again … it could have a cost set to doing it but the ability itself would be good.

I think it would be a good idea to have that “move this machine around option” as a researchable feature