Mystery ships spotted

can anyone identify these ships? One shoukld be easy…

The NSEA Protector, fame of the great movie galaxy quest! now give up the txts for it or feel the wrath of my omega 13

You have named one of the ships,

but you need to name the others in order to unlock the Thermian race…

The smaller "fighter"ones look like Eagles from Space:1999.

Good eye, I think you are right.

And we have some winners!
I’ll upload the Thermian race (Space Quest) mod in the next 8 hours and post the link here.

The Space:1999 mod will be some time off yet, as I’m trying to figure out a way of fixing the Alpha moonbase to the backround. At the moment it slides as you move across the screen.
I’ve tried playing with making the whole moon the ‘base’ but when you destroy it, the moon shatters (and the shield effect doesn’t work well).

The Firefly mod has two bugs that I’m sorting out, but that should be resolved in a few days.

I watched Space:1999 religiously when I was a kid. Insert story about being careless with my Space:1999 toys and wishing I had them now.

Remember these?


UFO, I just brought the boxed set.

I might do the interceptors. That might be interesting, UFO vs Space 1999, the battle of the moons.

For the interceptors, we’d need a new weapon. A powerful torpedo (it’s a nuke), huge damage, but incredibly long reload time (20 minutes) to make it a single shot weapon (they only had one nuke per interceptor after all).

Maybe Cliff can advise us on how to position a ship (moonbase) to the background so it doesn’t slide over it…Cliff???