Name confusion

It’d be nice if there were some distinction made between friends with identical first names, like a last initial or something. I went out to a movie with two friends named Lana a little while ago, and it was kinda confusing to read that both Lanas “enjoyed talking about Rock Music to Lana.”

hmmm good point, cheers.

yeah but I have that same problem in real life, its just being accurate :smiley: (there are too many people called sue in the world…)

Mostly a cosmetic thing, but after a couple of years I’ve suddenly got two "friend-of-a-friend"s that has the same portrait. I haven’t got that many Friends and foafs - there should be enought faces (haven’t noticed before when I had more.)

I know this is just a cosmetic thing, put it into one of those “To think about if I ever touch that code” category.

Oh, and just to keep mentioning several things in each post; I got (in the same save) the list of foafs “merging” with the skill tree (got 20+ skills (three columns x 10 skills, and the third column clashes with the foaf list from my second friend (he has got 7 friends, two of them with identical faces).

As usual; tell if you need save.