Naming conventions for parts

Hi Cliff,

Something I noticed whilst playing with the game is the naming conventions you use for parts, which may need addressing.

For example; Fit Body vs Stockpile

On a side note, have you toyed with the idea of perhaps starting the game around the time of the model T and progressing through time to the modern day?

Would allow for a massive research tree plus the fun of competing against the likes of the Dodge bros, GM and all the other players of the era, and those that have fallen by the wayside since then.

And how cool would it be to simulate the likes of Highland Park {the world’s first implemented moving assembly line} or Fords massive River Rouge Complex

Cheers mate :wink:

Trip Through The River Rouge Plant circa 1930’s

Got another blooper for you, courtesy of the the R&D dept :wink:

Sidenote: on the topic of building engines … is this line complete at flywheel, starter motor and valves?

Or can we expect to see stuff like engine blocks, camshafts, pistons, cylinder heads, turbo chargers etc. enter the fold?

Also what about engine types, any plans for those in the future?

i.e. 4.6,8,10,12 cylinder or perhaps electric, and a choice of body shapes, sedan, hatch, sports car, SUV’s etc. or something along those lines?

Cheers mate :wink:

Hi, yes, thanks for pointing this out. I did originally set the game entirely in the model T era. Here is a very early screenshot!

I also went to the Henry ford museum, read multiple books about the ford process, I even have a model T parts pricelist on my desk :smiley: I visited the modern ford factory in Detroit, near the river rogue plant. The original inspiration from the game is actually from a book by Henry Ford (I think it was called ‘my life and work?’. Here is me by some old ford cars at the ford factory :smiley:

Yup more engine tech to come!

Hi Cliff,

Yeah, certainly a fascinating slice of history. From humble beginnings on a farm to the empire he built, which so profoundly impacted the landscape of the 20th Century manufacturing.

I’m always intrigued by the catalyst, which in Henry’s case was the watch his father gave him, from little things big things grow. I’ll have to grab a copy of the book, I always find it insightful to see how it un-folded through their eyes.

I found it amusing that Clyde Barrow seemingly had a soft spot for Ford’s V8-powered Model B. So much so that he wrote a letter to Henry thanking him for making it. Ironically both Bonnie and Clyde died in one a month after the letter was written.

I know your pretty busy atm so thank you for taking time out to post the early concept work, and I’m sure you must have had a good time walking through the passage of time looking at all those cars :slight_smile:

I’m still left wondering why you moved away from the original concept rather than expanding on it, but considering the workload you must be under I feel that’s best left for another time.

I took a quick look at the way you have the game files structured, {thanks for leaving that side of it open} and must say that it looks like it will be very moddable. Might be time for me to blow the dust off 3dsmax, it’s been years since I did a car :wink:

But will it be possible to have two or three different body styles being produced at the same time?

Cheers mate

yup, different cars will be no problem, it just needs the rendered graphics, and some GUI at the stage of initial car creation to pick a base model name. Definitely something I have planned for when the basic flow of the game is all done.

I really like the idea of progressing through time – researching different materials, shapes, aerodynamics, technologies and parts. It would give a real feeling of progression going through the game, and a concrete reason to change factory layouts, optimizing as you go. Love that early screenshot!