Nation descriptions not changing from one page to the next

I’ve just installed the latest version of Democracy, and I’ve noticed a bug that I’ve never seen before. As I have quite a number of missions, many added by mods, they go over three pages. However, when I use the arrow to flick from one page to the next, the nation descriptions remain the same as they were for the nations on the previous page. As you can see in this first picture, while the flags and names of the countries are right, the descriptions are wrong - they are the descriptions from the nations that ship with the game from the first page.

The problem can be seen especially on this second picture, which is the third screen where I only have two missions. The descriptions from the first screen remain on the screen.

Same problem here when I had the mods installed… I thought I was doing something wrong. (Of course, since it crashes now even without the mods installed, I guess I was! :slight_smile:

Oh man, that’s a pain. Also a new screwup. Damn… I’ll get it fixed.