Nationalisation - State Enterprises

I would like to see the option of Nationalisation - especially of key aspects of the economy -
much like what happens in Singapore or Venezuela - i.e Banks, Infrastructure, Transport, Oil Production and Storage.


Some of this is already in the game! We even have a thing that pops up to confirm you want to nationalize/privatize an industry. We currently support it for Water,Telecoms, Rail and Energy.

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Basically if The State Bails Out a Private Company - Too Bail to Fail.
The Banking Sector - RBS 2008
The Airline Transport Sector,
The Automobile Transport Sector - Chrysler BailOut 1979

  • There could be a Finance Indicator to show how much of this is State Run.

  • This would be big for Singapore as a Trade Port and Banking Hub & for Venezuela as a socialist state.

  • Still Singapore has a lot of Private enterprise options.

  • If a Dilemma calls for a Bail Out for a Too Big to Fail Bank this would allow nationalisation of the banking / finance sector of the economy.

  • There could be a Transport Indictor showing how much of the Transport Sector is State Run or in the Hands of Private Enterprise.

  • This indictor would include Rail, Airlines, Buses, and Cars/Taxi.

  • Singapore comes to minds where the State Government Runs a National Rail, Airline, Bus and Taxi Sector along side private operators - think foreign air carriers, private charter buses, and Uber and Private Taxis.

One of the most popular mods for Democracy 3 was ‘socialist reform’. It was my favourite. It included everything from putting economic and social rights in the constitution, to nationalizing banks, to having a sort of New Deal public works program, and the level of state control of the economy making global downturns have less effect on your economy. I would hope that these sorts of policies could become available as you shift the overton window left!


I wish I knew how to mod - because this game could become very in-depth.
Elberos your ideas are very interesting because in the game is the Ann-Rand option of the free market paradise.

Look forward to the game and hope its release is still a few months out because new in depth options would be great and add to the game life.

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I think it’s fine to add for nationalization, just make sure not to make it work too well just because some fans like it lol otherwise that means I’ll have to add the Economic Realism mod again to correct for socialist-inspired errors.

Its currently very expensive to implement as a one-off cost. If I recall it also strengthens unions.
Once we have a lot of data from alpha-playthroughs it should be easy to balance.


Surely that should be state employees? A lot of countries don’t even allow public sector unions.

Well unions traditionally prefer to have a state employer rather than private because it allows for political pressure. That was definitely true of the UK during the 1970s where uniuons were at their heights at the country had multiple large nationalised industries.

I will check that the nationalisations result in more state employees. I think thats already handled through the system that raises/lowers state employee membership depending on the size of the private industries

And some countries would not allow private sector unions - Soviet Union.
I wonder if Cuba allows private sector unions? Doubtful.

In order to have private sector unions, you need a private sector. So no.