NEC 3-1 is up, ch#4617097. The map name is ‘NeverEnding3’.

For the rules, see Ramcat’s topic:


The map has supply limits, which I hope is fun…all cruiser weapons are limited to 30, all frigate weapons 50. Engines are required, but I don’t see any point in setting an arbitrary minimum speed.

I also don’t see much point in banning corner deployments, but I think it’s totally fair for someone fighting a corner deployed fleet to reposition their own fleet in response (as long as the repositioning player’s ships’ positions in relation to each other remain 100% identical).

Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see how this one goes. Judging by the fact that you don’t see many challenges with Supply Limits it seems that they aren’t to many players’ tastes. Personally, I think they can add an extra level of challenge to the fleet building process.

And finally…Enjoy!

NEC-3-2 is up
I like the supplies limit. v good idea

NEC 3-3 up

NEC-3-4 is up

Wow Arakis. That Tribe fleet is hard. I’ve got a fast rebel fleet that beats 1-3, but no matter how much I tweak it I can’t take your cruisers down fast enough. That’s an awesome design man.

EDIT: and when I finally do beat it, my fleet can’t stand up to zGeneral’s rush :frowning:

NEC-3-5 is up. This game is so adictive
I do not play any other game now if there is a new NEC/SAC challenge until I beat it!

NEC 3-6 is up, Tribe Dragon Squadron. More Utopia cruisers I’m afraid, after spending most of yesterday struggling to come up with a Rebel fleet that could sweep 1-4 I’ve become a fully paid-up member of the ‘if you can’t beat em, join em’ camp.

I’m wondering if this setup is particularly favourable to Tribe: the lowish pilot count and 30-CL limit makes it hard to get enough DPS out of a Rebel charge or Swarm frigate rush to take on those hippy bastards. I’d love to be proven wrong though!

NEC 3-7 up. Swarm Frigates.

No way. The only one I had trouble with was SAC3-3, how to take out the stupid armor blocks before the rockets kill them. But 1 laser cruiser in the back solves this problem by being immune to rockets.

Emphasis mine. This seems to be the story of my GSB challenge career (all two or three weeks of it). There always seems to be a sticking point, which quite often is a zGeneral fleet.

Just to clarify, you have to beat each and every previous fleet with the same fleet to post to the end of the challenge?


NEC-1 serices is too long and hard. I will try something on this one while it is shorter.
I have not seen the swam rush yet, but I am going to hate it for sure :stuck_out_tongue: