I decided to start NEC 4. Yes the map has a 20% shield and engine bonus.

Rules for NEC 4

For each 5 NEC, you may skip up to 1 of your choice. You many not skip the latest challenge
You must beat all other NEC 4 challenges.
If we have NEC 4-1, NEC 4-2, NEC 4-3, you must beat all 3 to post NEC 4-4
If we are up to NEC 4-7, you make skip up to 1 from NEC 4-1 to 4-6 (you can’t skip 4-7)


Let the Battles Begin.

so we got a new NEC, about time :wink:

Map name is 0_NEC4
First NEC 4-1 is 48618694
Second NEC 4-2 is 48618793

plz guys do not lose track and stick to naming convention. i.e. NEC then space then 4 then -dash then count number (NEC 4-#) then description

btw, could not u ban Utopia from the ingame rule. I can still select it.

regarding the “skip rule”, so if there are 10 NEC in total, I may skip 1 from first 5 and 1 from the last 5. but I can not skip number 10.

You can skip any 2 from the first 9.

I don’t think I can set a hull ban in the map, it be nice if I could.

BTW, do you think Tribe is balance here with the +20% shield and Utopia Ban? Or is Tribe still OP?

3 up. Obligatory missile spam. Should be pretty easy.

So are tribe shields now -50%+20% = -30% (70%) or 50%*120% = 60%?

Tribe is still OP
banning UTOPIA did cripple it somehow, the other hulls are bulky and have less hardpoints. I had to leave some standard slots empty as I did not know what to do with them!.

I was expecting missile spam to be next so I did not bother with scramblers as it wont be enough.
hope the next one (4) adds more diversity and not just a better missile spam

regarding tribe shield, it think it will be +20% after the -50% cut, so if the original shield was 100 points
Tribe penalty makes it 50 point
map makes it 50+20% = 60point

so tribe shield is now -40% instead of -50%
I think swarm will benifit alot from it

4-4 is up. Order fleet. A bit rushed I’m afraid.

NEC 4-5 up.

man, you are going to scare ppl off with this tactic, it is so annoying on its own, let alone being in NEC.
the good thing is ppl can skip it after NEC-4-6 is posted


NEC 4-6 done

sorry for posting multiple versions, last one is v3, deleted previous 2
I hope you like it. it is fun to watch (from my side at least) the opposite fleet being split into two/three groups, then my corner swarms kills them one group at a time. hehe

Don’t you think corner banging defeats the purpose of the engine rule? And do those frigs even have engines?

To some extent yes, but they will be on the move when u kill the bottom corner decoys!. then they will be as fast as ur missile spam fleet!
so all of them have engines. and if I let go the Frigs, they will be faster (0.55speed) than my cruisers
it is a trick that I used with “orders tool” to keep them stay in their place! ;-). which comply with the rules.

we need more ppl to participate in this. how can we do that?
pesonally, I found about SACs from the map description in game. we should have done the same to NEC.

or maybe, all of us should type “NEC tournament, check forum for details Positech Games Forums” in the description
I have reposted my last NEC with the above description

I do not play these for two reason’s:

  1. I have no DLC content.
  2. see number one.

I Have a fixed income at the moment and unable to squezzze out the little that is needed to get the DLC’s So untill i can do that, or get a job i’m stuck with just the base game.

Lone starr

Yeah, that’s why I made the rule, ‘if you can’t download it, you don’t have to play it’.

As for me I do have all the DLC except Nomads and as it is I can only download three of the matches. I beat two of them but not the Swarm Frigates, which I could skip, if I read the rules right.

So, for the NEC 4, do I post NEC 4-7 or not?

as per the rules, u can post NEC-4-7 is u can beat 4 from 1 to 5 (skip one) + u need to beat 4-6
but how did u play vs my NEC-4-6 it has nomads in it, same goes for NEC-4-3?

This does have problems for those who don’t own any DLC, then they can post challenges without beating most of them, which defeats the purpose of NEC.

Also, if the “can download” rule is to be implemented, then the rules will be “4 out of 5 you can download”. Otherwise it will be significantly easier for those with missing contents.

The engine rule was set up to prevent exactly this type of situation. Every missile spam would benefit from banging the corner, but that makes it extremely lame.

While I am fine with fleets crawling forward at < 0.05 speed, I think pure stationary fleets (and fleets that stops engaging way before their shooting range) are unfair because non engaging fleet can pigeonhole future fleets into certain trends.

I do like that whole triangle formation + decoy. It slow rushes significantly by forcing them to cluster onto a single point.

As a straight challenge I don’t have any problems with zGeneral’s setup (it’s one of the better decoy setups I’ve seen), but it does highlight yet another problem with competitive play: who is declared the winner when two non-moving or retreating fleets meet?

Also, is anyone else having trouble playing that challenge? It was running fine for me yesterday but now I’m getting the ‘this challenge is corrupt’ message when I try to play it.

Finally, regarding the DLC issue, I think it should be up to the person who set up the challenge to set the ruling. I’d definitely be up for an ‘Original Four’ NEC or SAC if someone were to set one up… I miss seeing Alliance fleets :wink:

OK, I will break the formation loop and make them move, the speed I have is 0.7
but I will link them to one of the cruisers at the back to keep them in the same formation, the side effect will make them move slower than normal speed.
the decoy will stay as is. will see how this goes.

will do it when I get back home. keep the NEC going, do not stop!

regarding DLCs, I will post the challenge twice, with and without DLCs. or should be just without Nomads?

NEC 4-7 is up. Beats 1-6 (I tested it vs the new version of 6). I’m sure everyone will be overjoyed that it’s more Swarm frigates. I feel slightly shameful for posting it, as the designs aren’t exactly original. Basically I was trying to copy 123stw’s fleet to get a better idea about fast frigate designs, something I’ve generally sucked at. Before I knew it though I had a sweeper fleet, so up it goes.

oh not you too!!!, this OP strategy is so annoying. now what should I do with 6!? I was supposed to update it which also had to beat the first firgate spam (NEC 4-5).
hmmm, lets see if I can make it beat all including ur 7 and repost it as 6!. or should we just continue with 8… (no update)…?